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The origins of Welniz

For over a decade, a group of talented software developers has worked together on challenging projects for clients large and small. They have built up an impressive portfolio of work through grit, perseverance, and a passion for their craft.

While they have enjoyed the variety and flexibility of contract work, the developers have long dreamed of growing their business into a company that could provide stability for their families while allowing them to continue innovating. After much discussion, planning, and saving, they decided the time had come to take the leap and form their own development firm.

The founders bring a wide array of complementary skills to the table. There are front-end wizards with expertise in the latest frameworks, full-stack masters who can build anything from the database up, UX specialists who focus on intuitive designs, and quality assurance engineers who ensure software meets the highest standards. Together, they have the complete package to deliver exceptional solutions for any client need.

The new company's mission is simple: to build software that solves real problems and makes a positive impact. They aim to foster a collaborative, flexible, and fun workplace culture that attracts the best talent and keeps clients coming back for more.

The founders know success will not come overnight. There will be challenges along the way. But they are motivated by a shared vision of what their company could become with hard work, dedication, and a little luck. They are excited to begin this new chapter and see where this journey may lead

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